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Last week, Chicago Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver to add a multi-million dollar spending amendment to legislation that recently passed the Illinois Senate.  This legislative action delays funding to senior citizens and the State's neediest citizens.  State Representative CD Davidsmeyer took to the Illinois House Floor to encourage his colleagues to pass legislation that would not delay funding for those in need.  

State Representative CD Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) voted with his Republican colleagues to reject an automatic pay raise that state legislators are set to receive this month.

Nearly three months ago Rep. Davidsmeyer and his House Republican colleagues filed legislation (HB 4225) that would have stopped the automatic pay increase for politicians, but that legislation was blocked by Chicago Democrats.  Legislation that recently passed (HB 576) mirrors the Republican bill.

During debate of HB 576 Rep. Davidsmeyer suggested that legislators shouldn't be paid because they haven't yet passed a budget for this fiscal year.  He was met with fierce opposition.  You can watch the exchange here:

Legislation Improves Port, Increases Trade and Creates Jobs

SPRINGFIELD – On August 5, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed legislation sponsored by State Senator Sam McCann (R-Carlinville) and Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) to remove Quarry Township from the America’s Central Port District, while offering new tools for the district to operate.  While HB3664 removes Quarry Township itself from the port district, Grafton lies inside that township, and the village will remain a part of the district.

“Quarry Township felt that it was more advantageous to their constituents to operate outside of the port authority, and this is about honoring the wishes of our local governments,” said Senator McCann. “But this legislation also enhances the ability of the district to serve as an economic development tool for the region.”

The legislation authorizes the port district to maintain foreign trade zones outside of its district. In addition, the legislation adds the port district to a host of other port and airport districts with the ability to establish and acquire business entities to manage facilities in relation to community and economic development.

"My thanks go to the Governor and my colleagues for recognizing the opportunity that the Port Authority, as a foreign trade zone, will provide for jobs in manufacturing and distribution for our communities and our state,” said Representative Davidsmeyer. “A good environment for creating jobs will have a huge positive impact on the future of Illinois.”

America’s Central Port District was originally established in 1959 as the Tri-City Regional Port District, encompassing the communities of Granite City, Madison, and Venice in Madison County. It was later expanded to include parts of Jersey County and renamed to its current title.

The port district owns or operates 1200 acres along the Mississippi, and holds 1.7 million square feet of warehouse space, 70,000 square feet of office space, and 150 apartments. Over 70 tenants lease from the district which supports over 900 jobs. The district estimates that it has an annual economic impact of $282 million on the local economy.

At large winner David Blanchette

David Blanchette, Jacksonville, IL
The final winner of the at-large photo contest is David Blanchette from Jacksonville, IL.  Congratulations David!

Davidsmeyer Announces Second Round

Jacksonville, IL…The second round of State Representative CD Davidsmeyer’s (R-Jacksonville) photo contest has opened! Residents living in the 100th House legislative district are encouraged to submit a photo of a place, object or event located in the legislative district. (Only one submission per-person is allowed.) Photographers should submit their photo and contact information to

First Name
Last Name
City, IL, Zip
Phone Number

Five at-large winners will be chosen for the second round on September 1st. Winners will have their photo framed and hung in Rep. Davidsmeyer’s Capitol office.

“I am amazed with the photos that my office received for the first round of competition. The 100th District is beautiful and the photographers who submit pictures are extremely talented. I can’t wait to see more of the great pictures that represent our great district,” said Davidsmeyer.

Should you have any questions about the photo contest please contact Rep. CD Davidsmeyer’s office at 217-243-6221 or via e-mail at

The Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD) and School for the Visually Impaired (ISVI) will now be able to hire staff more quickly, thanks to legislation sponsored by State Senator Sam McCann (R-Carlinville) and Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) that was signed into law by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner on July 15.

“Because of their important and specialized missions, ISD and ISVI have unique staffing needs,” said Senator McCann. “This new law will help the schools more efficiently recruit and hire the best talent to educate their students.”

Senate Bill 220 streamlines the hiring process for the two schools by exempting teaching applicants from the required grading process used by Central Management Services (CMS). After being recruited, candidates would submit their credentials directly to CMS, allowing the agency to determine whether they meet necessary qualifications before being hired.

"I thank and applaud Governor Rauner for signing legislation that will make hiring easier and quicker at ISVI and ISD,” said Representative Davidsmeyer.

“This public act will cut red tape and allow us to recruit and hire the best teachers for our kids.”

“This is an example of how we can work together to make government more efficient and responsive to better serve the people of Illinois,” said Senator McCann.

Jacksonville, IL…Last week, legislation was filed by State Representative CD Davidsmeyer (R – Jacksonville) that will require state employees to be paid without a government budget – just as state legislators and judges are paid without a budget.

“My legislation creates a continuing appropriation that pays state employees even during a government shutdown, and I have worked with Governor Rauner to ensure that it has his support.” said Davidsmeyer.

“Last year the majority party passed legislation to protect their paychecks even if there is no budget. My legislation will give state employees’ salaries the same protection as legislative and judicial salaries. This continuing appropriation will ensure that state employees are paid even in the absence of a state budget,” said Davidsmeyer.

Davidsmeyer’s legislation, HB 4245 was blocked by IL House Democrats during debate last week. “My bill would have ensured that families still received paychecks for their hard work. It does not throw the state employees into the middle of a larger political battle,” said Davidsmeyer.

Rep. Davidsmeyer released a video of House Democrats blocking his effort to pay state employees on his website.

“It is important that we pay state employees – who are required to work – during a government shutdown. Employee paychecks should not be in limbo because state legislators cannot agree on a budget with the Governor,” said Davidmeyer.

Rep. Davidsmeyer will continue to fight to advance his legislation again when the IL House of Representatives meets this week in Springfield. Governor Rauner has already declared his intent to veto the one-month unbalanced budget that the Senate will take up this week. Rauner has publicly stated that Davidsmeyer’s legislation is the only bill that he will support to pay employees until IL Democrats pass a balanced budget with reforms to improve Illinois.

“Until the Attorney General stops fighting against state worker pay, my legislation is the best option we have and I will work to move it to the House floor for debate this week,” said Davidsmeyer.
Winners of this year's photo contest will have their photo displayed in Rep. Davidsmeyer's State House Office.  This week's winner is Andrew Shireman from Jacksonville, IL.
Andrew Shireman, Jacksonville, IL.