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While Illinois’ seemingly unending budget “battle” continues, I have remained hopeful that cooler heads would prevail and true compromise would occur. I feel it important for everyone to know what is truly going on in state government.

Let me just say that I WISH there was a budget “battle” being waged right now, but the reality is that there aren’t even discussions going on. There are public political battles happening on the floor of the Illinois House, pretending to be the budget. These are solely designed to create political mailers next year that say I don’t care about grandma, childcare, or heating assistance for the poor; which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s be very clear that the votes that have been taken have only served to drive a larger wedge in budget talks with a governor who has said he is willing to help raise revenue as part of other reforms (not requiring all of his agenda). The response from the Speaker is that raising taxes is the only thing that has anything to do with the budget.

If the Speaker and his super-majority don’t think that the economy, jobs, and an entrenched political class have anything to do with the budget they haven’t been paying any attention for the last 40 years.

We have lost over 300,000 manufacturing jobs just in the last decade. Those workers were taxpayers and our middle class! We continue to lose taxpayers to surrounding states, exacerbating our problems.

To anyone who believes that just passing a tax increase will fix our problems, let me say that 2 years ago, with the full 5% income tax increase, the majority party was still threatening cuts to programs. These are the very programs listed above that they pretend to be fighting for.

The fact is that the Speaker and his super-majority can do anything they want without the governor, including pass their budget and their tax increase. Instead they are wasting time pretending to be held hostage by this governor.

I am a realist who understands that the state has immediate needs and things don’t happen overnight. That means it’s more important than ever to start now. If we change nothing, we get exactly what we’ve already got.

The reality is that having No Change leads to large or yearly tax increases combined with continued cuts and uncertainty… a sad future for Illinois.

If that’s what you want, here’s another Illinois “IOU” to add to the $8 to $12 billion stack in 2016.

Compromise is a two-way street and I am ready as soon as the Speaker removes his road block.

C.D. Davidsmeyer
State Representative 
100th District 
Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White recently announced his office will no longer mail license plate renewal notices due to the state budget impasse. His office is offering to send e-mail reminders to those who sign-up for paperless notifications. Click here to register for e-mail renewal notifications from the Secretary of State’s office.
Central Management Services released a series of questions and answers for state employees who are covered by the State's Group Insurance during the budget impasse. 

Last week, an agreement was struck between Governor Rauner’s Administration and Union leaders that will keep negotiations going between the two parties and prevent a lockout or strike. “This is the second guarantee in the past three weeks from Governor Rauner to state employees that negotiations will continue and a lockout or forced strike will not occur,” said Davidsmeyer.

The agreement signed last week is a tolling agreement. It extends contract negotiations until a compromise is reached. Two previous extensions have been signed.

“Over the past four weeks I have worked with the Governor’s staff to secure promises in writing that state employees will be protected. I have secured a letter from the Governor and now, as promised, the Governor’s Administration has signed a new agreement with Union leaders that promises not to lockout or force strikes on state employees,” said Davidsmeyer. (Visit to view agreements.)

If both parties, the Governor’s Administration and Union leaders, agree that an impasse has been reached then an appeal will be sent to the Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB). Employees will not be locked out, forced to strike or lose their paychecks.

“This agreement protects state employees and guarantees that they will be paid. I will continue to work to ensure that Governor Rauner and his Administration keep their word and do not cause a lockout or strike.”
Tolling agreement signed by Governor Rauner's Administration and Union Leaders.

On September 2nd, Governor Rauner signed a letter to Representatives Davidsmeyer and Unes promising not to lockout state employees or force a strike.  View the letter here:

Last week, Chicago Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver to add a multi-million dollar spending amendment to legislation that recently passed the Illinois Senate.  This legislative action delays funding to senior citizens and the State's neediest citizens.  State Representative CD Davidsmeyer took to the Illinois House Floor to encourage his colleagues to pass legislation that would not delay funding for those in need.